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The Greater Nepal

The Greater Nepal “In Quest of Boundary”: Documentary movie about the history of Nepal and its formation.

Part 1

[youtube TkqdU3ieMdM]

Part 2

[youtube ot0xMrI2P6M]

Part 3

[youtube hKQfuO6A0RA]

Part 4

[youtube AL96vX_4Pnw]

Part 5

[youtube mxRMvZp-bgA]

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Saving the circus children

An investigation into the trafficking of Nepalese children to work in Indian circuses.

Loadshedding troubles

Fourteen hours without power everyday. Imagine the plight! If there’s any good that can come out of it, it’s probably the creativity and humor that you will find in the following videos. One is a short animated movie titled “No Light” and the next is a humorous advertisement that is about a product to generate power in a “different way”.

“No Light” by Qurien won the first “One Film 3D Animation Challenge”. The challenge was announced in December 2010. Thirty-six Nepalese animation artists participated in the competition. It was conducted by Maya Animation Academy, a 3D animation school and authorized AutoDesk training center. Seven movies were selected as finalists from the submitted shorts which were screened on Wednesday, December 22, at Kumari Hall, Kamal Pokhari, Nepal

The winners of the challenge, “No Light” by Qurien Animation Studios & SERU by Escape Animation bagged the cash prize of Rs. 250,000 each.

Children of God

It appears that this documentary was released in 2009 but the events in the documentary show that it was probably captured much earlier, perhaps in 2003/2004.

A viewer of this documentary has posted in amazon that these kids still live near Bagmati and in the same dire state as earlier. DNSLinksys Router SetupLinksys Default Password
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