Jire Khursani

Jire Khursani (Red Hot Chillies) is a popular Nepali TV show aired every Tuesday at 9pm NST on Nepal Television. It started in 2003 and has been continuously airing since. It is produced and directed Jeetu Nepal and ShivaHari Paudel who are the main actors in the show as well. Jire Khursani basically portrays social problems suffered by everyday people with a comic punch. The show also features issues of polygamy where two wives of Shivahari Paudel live under the same roof with their children.

Jeetu Nepal plays Mundré (earring wearer) who says it with much pride that he is the first one in his entire family to have passed school. He wears a wool cap all year round and uses a lot of jewellery. His father Shiva Hari Paudel plays Asina Prasad (Mr. Hailstones) who has a habit of saying Mukhaa Hannu jasto (punch you on your face) all the time. He has two wives out of which the latter one is referred to as Hatti (Mrs. Elephant who is mother of ‘Mundre’ (Jitu Nepal). The other one is ‘Chothale’. Mundre has a stepbrother named ‘Bhok Lagyo’ because he as a habit of saying ‘Bhok Lagyo’ (I am starving) all the time. Bhok Lagyo is a consummate eater. He eats all the time and when not fed breaks into a fit of sobs immediately.

Mundré has an uncle played by Kiran KC who has a habit of saying Eh Rata Makai (Bloody Ripe Corn) and was married to a rich Sherpa girl who merely uses him as an object of desire. Frustrated, the show takes crazy twists and revolves around a restless and noisy family. Raja Ram Poudel has also especial role as Thulo Bau (Great Father) of Mundre. His thego ‘pareko ma behoraula’ is very popular. DNSLinksys Router SetupLinksys Default Password
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